It’s everywhere….END it.


It’s real. It’s rampant and it’s the personal hell of many young women and children. You don’t have to understand how it happened to know it’s happening and to be a part of ENDING the nightmare. Speak up.

This is not a “3rd World” problem…
This is also a CHURCH problem…

EVERY time there is a major sporting event or conference in your city…

[Yes, EVEN in America]

…girls, young boys and women are shuttled in to supply their “services”.

Who are they?

  • They may be the housekeepers at the local hotel.
  • They may be the “new girl” working at the nail salon.
  • They may be the “hitchhiker” at the local truck stop.
  • The individuals in that porn video you clicked and watched.

They don’t know where they are most of the time; moved under the cover of darkness, mildly drugged;

Fear is the currency keeping them silent.

Who will listen? Where would they go? Who will keep them from being hurt or killed? Who would even want to help? Is there any hope?


Stop. Look. Listen.
End it.

3 thoughts on “It’s everywhere….END it.

  1. It is a sick, sad world we live in. So grateful that this is being brought more and more to light. Prayfully an end is in the near future.

    1. Yes Stacey…I know. Which is why it’s important to spread the word and be involved. Some of the involvement is pro-active and some is preventative. We stay involved with “at risk” people and mentor or simply trust our gut (isn’t that what you’ve been saying for a while now? 🙂 ) and speak up. God knows who to send our way and He’s sending us to them. Bless you@

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