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the temple prostitute

Fact: some stories can not be told. Sometimes they don’t belong entirely to you.

While powerful pieces may be yours,  there’s no good to be gained from the telling. These stories are best entrusted to the hands and heart of God who lovingly absorbs them into the greater mesh of His own.

Still, others need to be told… gently.

God alone knows which is which and guides us to know the difference. He also guides the how and when…and to whom these stories ought to be told.

Reading Scripture I think about the crazy collection of stories God chose to present to us. Out of all the stories in the world since time began, He chose these for us to learn from, share from and declare for His glory. The beauty is they’re not all “pretty-pretty-happily-ever-after” stories. In fact, some are downright ugly. Painful, good medicine.

My story has places in it like that too. Some things need not be told because God holds them now. I trust Him.  Others, must be offered because they contain the threads of hope woven into the common fabric so many of us share.


It’s the rare beauty of story redeemed.

the temple prostitute

Let me tell you more…

It’s everywhere….END it.


It’s real. It’s rampant and it’s the personal hell of many young women and children. You don’t have to understand how it happened to know it’s happening and to be a part of ENDING the nightmare. Speak up.

This is not a “3rd World” problem…
This is also a CHURCH problem…

EVERY time there is a major sporting event or conference in your city…

[Yes, EVEN in America] Let me tell you more…