“Birdie Bread” {a family tradition}

Bread is my mortal weakness.
***********       It’s the “achilles heel” of my thighs!

Not all bread mind you…no I am a …. {gasp}

Bread SNOB!

In fact, I have to confess…I am a food snob of sorts….but that’s a different post for a different day because today, I must share with you one of our family traditions; Birdie Bread!  Typically, these delicious things show up at our table for Thanksgiving, but they’ve been known to make an appearance for Christmas or Easter as well.

People….Few things can take me down a sinful path faster than a hunk of freshly baked bread slathered with good butter…or just hot out of the oven. I can work up an appetite just *thinking* about the stuff! Part of it is psychological and emotional; my mother showed me breadmaking in action. The rest?

It’s all me baby!

Now, I have another confession to make: I’m a jealous cook. I guard my recipes and “secret ingredients” so that only death may part us and even then you may not ever know that final ingredient!

But I realized something this year: I’m middle aged. If I lived to double my current age (almost 44) that would put me close to the finish line so…it’s time. It’s time to begin unlocking the vault and passing on the traditions…well, most of them anyway! Baby steps…..

The Recipe

Disclaimer: this is not my original recipe. In fact, I think I cut it from a Country Living or Taste of Home Magazine about 20 years ago! But it’s stood the test of time and I’m proud to pass it along to you today.

So, here is the recipe and some wonderful  um… medium-grade, ok pretty bad “dumb phone” photos to give you the step-by step of making birdie breads for your family!
Oh….one more thing: I DO grind my own wheat and I DO use a mixture of hard red wheat/ unbleached white and honey. These are the only variations I insist upon. There is nothing like the taste of fresh bread with fresh flour. Nuff said! Bon appetit!

Risen DoughDough rolls

Divide into sections on floured surface

Roll Twist and Snip

2. Roll each into 10-inch lengths. Twist the sections into a knot, leaving a “tail” & tucking the head a bit. Snip the tail.

Rising Birds

3. Cover the birds with parchment and let rise until double.

Eyes and Beaks

4. Bake risen birds. Cool slightly Use a BBQ skewer or toothpick insert two currant “eyes” & an almond “beak.”

Finished Birds

5. Serve the ones you haven’t eaten to your family! They freeze well too.

6 thoughts on ““Birdie Bread” {a family tradition}

    1. And you inspire me to greatness. It’s been great to watch you journey through so much in this past year Marie. I am thankful that I stumbled upon your doorstep this past year. Maybe someday we can do some IRL time…but until then, I’m glad to know I have a writing buddy with a piece of His heart cut from the same fabric as mine over there in CO. Blessings!

  1. I’m pretty sure I still have this recipe some place… definitely cut out of a magazine and cherished. 🙂

    1. Great minds think alike! I went through a stage in my early marriage years when I collected cookbooks and recipes. Last year I went through EVERYTHING and only kept the ones I use or could reasonably use. This one has stood the test of time! A lot of work but so worth the results. Happy Thanksgiving–I am grateful for you!

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