thankYOU… and you know who you are


I can barely contain the amount of thanks pulsing through my heart and head when I try to think about it.

I am truly grateful. Maybe for the first time in my life, I am wholly thankful for having been horribly wrecked by God and put back together again.*Photo Credit:  David Stembridge

Because it brought me to places I never would have found otherwise. It brought me here; to the doorsteps and thresholds of so many other heart-homes.

Love and Sacrifice.
Living for Christ and Striving for Excellence.
Apples of Gold and Titus 2 Lifestyles.
Women and a gracious few men have been poured out before me by God.

 I recall that Elijah moment when I thought I was the only one. Convinced that I’d simply have to get used to being in this place alone. Wondering inwardly and aloud why He’d show me so much, birth in me such tremendous passion, insight and desire only to leave me alone.

I am grateful for God’s patience. 

He challenged my faith, made me get real and honest and would not move me until I took the first step towards Him.

And now this…all of you are here too. Those he’d reserved and preserved as well.

I am not alone. I am accepted in Him. I finally trust that.

I shared deeply from this healing place around the table with my marriage-family of 23 years and because I am so alive to the love of God in this world, even in the hard stuff and darkness, I see so much beauty and I felt so loved and accepted.

I cherished the laughter, the stories, the birdie bread, the lumpy gravy (I made it) and the craziness of life with them; walking by the river, sitting in the sunshine, crowded on a double bed watching football on a 12-inch screen.

Grateful for the sister-in-law who struggled hard with cancer this past year and stood healed at the kitchen sink doing all the dishes because she wanted to and was thankful that she could.

Grateful for the other sister-in-law telling me of her “next chapter” in life: post-home school and child-raising and now ministering at the local crisis pregnancy center. Grateful to see her being so brave,  reaching beyond her own abilities and into a world so foreign to hers with compassion and mercy and the love of Christ. Trusting in Him alone.

So I say, “Thank you”.

Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord. Thank you Marriage Family and Spirit Family (often one and the same) and thank you Dear Reader for being part of my community today and in so many other ways and places.

It’s so good to be home.Lorretta signature

16 thoughts on “thankYOU… and you know who you are

    1. I awoke to this kiss from God though you! And you know…it makes it ever more important that I be crucified and raised up with HIS heart to pour through because I reach the end of MY heart and abilities rather quickly! <3 you very much Stephanie. And someday we will meet IRL and share a lot of joy! Until then, He's given us THIS.

  1. This is a beautiful record of thanks. What work God has done in our hearts to praise Him and thank Him for the hard and difficult times as well as the good. I love the quote on the picture.

  2. Oh. I know deep in my heart what you are talking about! I am a Fibromyalgia/CFS sufferer and have experienced how our Pappa draws us to Himself through suffering, to a place of sweet acceptance and dependance on Him and Him alone!! Thank you so much for being honest and so authentic! Have a lovely Xmas with your family!

  3. Stopping in from FMF… I loved being invited to know a little bit of your family life… sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    I was late getting my post in this week, but I had just read yours – sent to my email – and felt a little less afraid and more inspired after reading it. I was truly fearful of how mine was going to come out when I got around to starting the timer. Thanks for sharing your heart and a piece of your family’s stories.

    1. Thanks Sue! I just “spew” my words after meditating on the thought and then I do correct typo’s but that’s really all. I will go find you now! Thanks and Blessings to you!

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