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Moments of Defining & Refining

christmas-crossI’ve started decorating the house for Christmas and
I have to confess;

I’m having a blast!

Honestly, I haven’t done a ton of major decorating I mean,  you have to understand–we don’t live a very “upscale” and entertaining lifestyle. Even when I thought that should be my goal in life, I could never quite pull off that Martha Stewart thing!

No, we’ve always lived rather “low to the ground” and as such, I’ve tried to do things reasonably while at the same time, as tastefully as possible. In fact, I was  probably “shabby chic” before it was in vogue!

(Ok…maybe I was just the fool who put the “shabby” that dangerously close to chic, but certainly I ought to get an “A” for effort!)

But hey, this year– I’ve decked some halls y’all! Let me tell you more…