gracefigsufficient for me.
This I know.

But what do you do when that grace doesn’t seem sufficient to cover you in the eyes of someone else?

What do you do when that grace is stingily portioned out and never seems to quite cover you?

I have several relationships in my life where this is the common theme: “I deserve more grace than I can allow for you because (fill in the blank).”

It’s as though they know where I stand with the Lord…
(and they KNOW I stand)
…and yet they wish to ever so slightly punish me as well.

Subtly, softly…secretly.

It’s as though someone still has to pay.
In their minds, through their words and behavior,
my debts are still outstanding.

it hurts.

What do I do? How do I live from this place?

HOW God?!?!

Jesus answered; “Seventy times seven”.

I must choose to give grace anyway.

Choose to give
even and especially
to those who will not give it to me.

{I must choose to be graceFULL}

Choose to be filled by God to overflowing…
…a direct river of grace that goes to and through
and BEYOND my soul and my need;
and splashes over onto others.

Choose to give from God’s great storehouse of grace opened to me.

THAT’S what makes the grace of and from God as deep and as wide as it is; I don’t *need* it from someone else. There’s enough to cover me and enough for me to share when it seems scarce.

God alone sees the depth and provides for my need, restores my soul and gives me the grace to move through the gracelessness of this life.

And it’s why I can have the courage to love Him so much.

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4 thoughts on “grace{full}

  1. I came over to thank you for your SUPER sweet and thoughtful comment on my blog yesterday, and I was like, “wait… I’ve read this post. And that one. And that one.” You’re in my Google Reader! How fun to find out someone whose blog you follow has read something of yours, too. I declare this makes us official “blog friends”. 🙂 Ha! You really did encourage me so much with your comment yesterday, and OFTEN with your writing here!

    1. Amazing really Rachel!

      That’s the beauty of what you wrote because God is weaving together an amazing prophetic tapestry from all his “remnants”. We call it “blogging”; He calls it the body of Christ. Thanks so much!

    1. Oh thankyou Martha! No…not easy. But none of us really wants to receive or give an “easy” grace do we? I’ve come to accept that there’s only one kind worth having and it’s VERY expensive. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

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