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walking the line

Editors Note: This article was originally published in our local paper, the Waynesboro True Citizen on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 I wrote it to spotlight our local High school football program and how influential faith in God has been to the program led by a few humble and godly men. My husband (sports photographer) encouraged me to repost it here because it’s such a great tribute to the big things God is doing in little places like Waynesboro all over the world.


The sun is hanging low in the western sky casting long shadows across the Bear Den where the Burke County Bears are finishing their warmup on this cool Friday night in October.

A steady current of anticipation and excitement swirls around the field as the coaching staff watches and directs from the sidelines.  It’s the middle of football season in Burke County and expectations are riding high after last season’s championship season.

A shrill whistle pierces the air as the team files off the field and into the gym, taking their place on the bleachers for the pre-game devotion. The room goes quiet and all eyes are on Head Coach Eric Parker. Let me tell you more…


I’ve heard it more than once in the past few weeks  in subtle and not so subtle ways.  And I’ve just  lost the ability to pretend I am anything more and can only embrace the reality that, according to the standards of this world I might be just as they say I am…

a “freak”. 


Some labels are hard to bear and some are even harder to earn. Not long ago, I might have resisted or argued against this label with the reasoning that I am probably more level-headed and balanced in my behaviors and beliefs than most people I know.

I could simply point out how radically unforgiving and unappreciative toward differences most people tend to be–no matter what vein or system they proclaim as their own–because yes, you don’t have to be a Believer in Christ to be considered a radical.

I don’t believe I’m unintelligent or ignorant and I feel I’m fairly well in touch with my inner child and artist. I’m culturally sensitive and aware of my surroundings. I read and research and am not blissfully uninformed or the least bit disinterested in the lives and welfare of others. The fact is; I really *do* care.

Maybe that’s the problem.
Maybe that’s the catch:

I care enough to avoid pretending there’s another answer or another way to the answers and peace that most people are seeking–

if they are seeking at all.

I care enough to live and speak and behave what I have come to know through practiced and painful experience as the Truth. I can’t back down from that. That’s the key to who and Whose I am. And it’s what I want people to see most…Christ in me and most importantly; consistently. I care enough to say– if you keep doing the same poor thing and getting the same poor results….. isn’t it time to do something different? Something radically better?

I heard this quote not too long ago from somebody way smarter than me and it really hit home:

“In order to impact our culture for Christ in today’s world it is going to take an apologetic that is not only heard but is also seen…the visual living out of the Christian life is imperative for the time in which we live. If a person can not see your conversion story (feel/experience), they will question it (the Gospel) all the days of their lives.” Ravi Zacharius


Doesn’t that make a whole lot of sense?

And I’ve come to realize that even the *slightest * hint of inconsistency between what I say I believe and how I live is flat out wrong. It’s unloving and unfair; to myself, to others and ultimately to the God who saved me through the glorious Gospel of Christ’s sacrifice.

I know this is true because…

* I’ve done it all wrong.
* I’ve taken Jesus places we never should have gone.
* I’ve denied Him with my words and behaviors more than 3 times.
* I’ve misrepresented and ignored the prompting of the Spirit too often.
* I’ve spent my time being the “skandelon” or stumbling block in the lives
of others.

I’ve gotten all uppity and self-righteous with my head-knowledge-holiness of God and have forgotten to embrace others with the steady heartbeat of God’s love found throughout the entirety of His creation.

       I’ve been horribly human and He’s been gloriously God anyway. 

His kindness has led me to repentance again and again.  I can not deny the resurrecting power of the Gospel which has wrought daily, humbling change in my own life…and in so many others I know.

It’s the same powerful Gospel which……
took a man I know, from drowning in a lifestyle if drugs, alcohol and pornography and at the point of a personal dead-end, to being a faithful husband and father to a beautiful wife and three children…all serving God today.

It’s the same faithful Gospel which……
has kept and preserved a woman I know who,  shamefully divorced and depressed, spent years battling back from a prescription drug and hypocrisy addiction and now opens her home to countless women from all walks of life to partake in weekly bible studies and mentoring moments.

It’s the same glorious Gospel which…….
breathed new life into the shattered shards of a broken marriage between two broken people I know; putting them back together again in a way so perfectly measured and mended by God that no one may ever know the brokenness was ever there.

It’s the only true Gospel which…….
has guarded, guided and protected another beautiful college aged woman I know as she has struggled her way into adulthood, navigating the rough waters of culture and opinion, and has surrounded her with carefully placed, loving and godly people who step in to lighten her load and illuminate her path from time to time.

This is the Way, the Truth, the Life…the Light of the world shining in the darkness that can not ever, ever, ever overcome.

This is Jesus.

Disciples before me have said it and I can only now echo; where else can I go? What else can I do? What else is there to say? He alone has the words of eternal life…I’ve lived it and it’s true.

So,  If standing here beneath this Gospel and living it as the Truth it is makes me a freak, then let it be so.  I can do no better than this.

Let me be found living out and sharing this Truth, taking mission trips, having fun, enjoying life, loving those around me, enjoying good company, exercising, playing games, planting flowers, drinking good coffee, making *fabulous* meals, reading great books and petting the occasional cat.   Let me be found faithfully unashamed to walk it out.

Oh Lord, I pray; let it be.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written,
“The righteous shall live by faith.” (Romans 1:16)

So….maybe you’re a “freak” too? 

In The Beginning….

I hammered my stake into this piece of “Blog Land” 8 full months ago. I remember that day clearly because a door closed in my life–one I could still see through clearly but definitely could not pass through to the other side. What I could not see at the time was that God was flinging open many other doors; but I wasn’t ready.  I don’t know what made me stand here on that day with brokenness in my hand and say, “I will now do THIS.” and not do more than merely unlock this door, stand at the threshold and peer through and think,  but I did and it’s still here…untouched.  I think I’m glad I waited.

And in the midst of Life’s tumble and toss, I have been reluctant to make a beginning post. Why? Partly, I think it’s because I want my first, virginal blog-post to be something beautiful and profound. I want it to be memorable, intoxicating and, to coin a phrase a photographer friend of mine used recently; I want it to be a “second looker”….the kind of thing you just have to come back to and “love on” some more. And if that’s not a little self-revealing, I don’t know what is.

But there’s another, maybe more important reason why: commitment. I realize that in order for this to be more than a half-finished notebook full of half-hearted promises written in the heat of the moment, I’ve got to take the plunge and take it for reals.

I’m at the stage in my life where I’ve been sorting and casting off things I’ve worn way too long. Some of these things I put on in ignorance thinking they’d make me more acceptable and appealing to those around me and other things…I just let people put on me over time and I never took them off; until now. No turning back..no turning back. There’s only forward and I want to live in the awareness that there’s no need to hurry and no need to run. I’m here now.

Where is “Here”? Presently, it feels like a bit of a wilderness but it’s not nearly as desolate as it’s been in recent months past. It’s because God is doing a “new ” thing and much of that has to do with clearing out “old” things; wrong things, wrong thinking and habits along with worn-out, out-grown ideas. “Here” seems to be more a process than a place… a forward destination. And that’s important because I’ve been desperate enough to settle for less along the way and  I’m discovering that God has in mind MORE….a wide-open, limitless and intimate more. So this is my way of opening up the door to that MORE. I’m going to let go and let His Spirit move me as we walk together with no other purpose in mind than to submit to whatever it is He’s intending to do or show me.  I’m going to take the last step towards being transparent for maybe His eyes alone and just let God do and use me however He can for His glory. I’m going to be satisfied and to trust Him to satisfy me…to know me and to be enough…to be my Peace.

27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. (John 14:27)

Sweet peace. This is no saccharin-substitute peace; it’s the real deal. It’s HIS personal peace….it’s the peace Jesus, himself wore and used while here on earth…always fresh and always new. He gives it to me–to all of us who belong to Him– to put on as He’s taking other things off of me and says “Here, wear this.” He never leaves us uncovered but we must choose to wear what He offers. And so I will. This is only the beginning.

So, welcome to my “Here” place, my garden…my sanctuary. Welcome to my crazy, passionate, touchy-feely heart and mind that just never stops but belongs totally to the One who picked me up, wiped my dirty heart clean and calls me His own: Jesus.

And the most important thing about being “Here” (wherever that happens to be along the way) is that it won’t ever be about me; it’s about God and what He’s doing and where we’re going together. Already, I can see His light shining in the darkness…and the darkness has not….can not overcome. (John1:1-5) Ginosko