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notes from a veteran expert

I swear………… I saw a ghost the other day.

Rushing through the dining room from one task to another I caught a glimpse of someone I surely recognized and had to stop and do a double take. Mary?!?     Wow.     There in the mirror…my mother. It’s happened.

Shoot, she looks pretty good for her age!

Yes, I have reached the age where I can now clearly see traces of my departed Mother gazing back at me in the mirror and there’s more than the numbers on the clock and calendar telling how the time has passed. If I’m honest about the sum I have to admit that even the roughest of the years have been sweet and kind.

I’m in the sorting stage. Toys, books, pictures, papers and homeschool supplies…sorting what leaves, what stays and where it all belongs now.

With the wedding of my oldest on the nearing horizon, another one deciding life matters for the future and only two more years with the last at home, it’s necessary now to see my children, myself and my role through a different lens.

Though somewhat hazy and bittersweet, the memories have kept their fond flavor and can make sense while taking their proper place. Hanging up one hat, I begin to put on another knowing I must not — can not–hold on to what was never mine. This is the way it should be. It’s ok.     It’s good.

In this next season I’ve been entrusted with much to hold and to behold as well. This realization was made clear to me as I was filling out some volunteer paperwork for our local homeschool association. There was a line (how I never noticed this before is beyond me) asking “veterans” to consider mentoring new homeschool families.

Let’s see, I’ve been homeschooling fourteen years so that makes me–seriously?! A veteran? Me?

When did THAT happen?

Let me tell you more…

outside the box

So… let’s start with a wee disclaimer shall we?

I’m not a mommy blogger.

I don’t think that’s a mystery to most of my readers but if you’re new to me, I wanted to be sure to put that right out there. I am privileged to be a mother to three nearly grown children and while we home- schooled for most of those years, I also wouldn’t call myself a home school blogger.

The fact is, I don’t feel truly “qualified” to offer any advice in these areas because on most days, I feel like I just did it all kinda crazy-wrong. However, by the tremendously gracious grace of God, somehow it’s turning out to be alright.

That’s basically where I write from: the humble place of a sinner-saved-by-grace, home schooling Mommy, who hopes God will shine through the cracks and gaps left behind and bring His light to another. It’s been a life mostly lived….

outside the box*********************************

 Honestly, parenting has been the most blessing-filled and most difficult thing I’ve ever attempted to do. The only thing MORE blessing-filled and difficult has been home schooling! No doubt about it, this journey with my children has definitely deepened my dependence upon God and my relationship with Him and it’s allowed me the opportunity to model humility before them more often than not.

Let me tell you more…

Baby Jesus in July

Cool Mint waterHot, hot HOT!

It’s hot. And muggy. And it’s Georgia in July so DUH, it’s supposed to be hot. And muggy.

I live in a farming community about 2 hours from the coast. It’s hot but it’s been worse. Truth is, despite today’s heat index of 99, so far this has been a mild summer.

Truly, we don’t have it nearly as bad as the folks out West. Pray for them…it’s bad.

Here, after several years of drought and scorching heat, we’ve had nearly a month of daily rain with more on the way. A hurricane maybe. So far, I’ve heard very little complaining. The farmers are thankful and I am too.

I also live in a 1920-era, solid frame house with hardwood floors and 11-foot ceilings. #BLESSED.  It’s not fully updated but we do have indoor plumbing and central AC! Praise Him!

However, we’re careful to keep the thermostat on 80 for fear of causing a shift in weather patterns from all that cooled air escaping through our poorly fitting doors, ridiculously thin windows and meager insulation. We’ll fix that. Someday. Maybe. Let me tell you more…