I’m a girl in the midst of WOE! and “undone.”

Because so much like Isaiah, I was brought to the place where in my spirit, I saw the Lord, seated on His throne high and lifted up….exalted and like Isaiah, all I could say with so much fear and trembling was


To say I am utterly undone with increasing thankfulness for that moment in my life is probably the most severe understatement I could possibly make. Words don’t cut it when trying to describe a moment like that…it’s all just ….so….”Woe!”

Words can barely express what it feels like to be tottering on the edge and peering into the great chasm of your own undoing only to be snatched back by the mighty hand of a loving God.


  • It’s not in your head but you know what it is.
  • It’s not simply a feeling but your gut turns to jelly and you can’t deny why.
  • It’s surely not emotion but again the mixture of grief and grace leaves you quite undone.

And still….now, in the quieter places I’ve been allowed to travel forward into, I am still so very undone by the love of God. This love sought me out and took the time to first turn my heart towards Him.

There I caught just a glimpse…a mere shadow of how holy and awesome and loving and merciful He is so that once He turned the mirror back on my heart…all I had in me was

I was absolutely undone before Him.


I’m more than a year beyond that moment but it changed my life and my heart more than I can possibly tell. God, through that moment is still changing me in ways I can’t fully understand or see. Changing me in ways I never imagined possible.

I hunger for Him.
I thirst for Him.
I am learning to see what He sees and love who He loves.

He mercifully touched my lips, my heart…my life with a healing, purging Spirit so that I only want to please and GO for Him and my greatest desire is to stay so lean and so hungry that others will want to come learn and know Him too.  

Entering into this time of year, like many others, I come with a spirit of introspection and reflection….but mostly gratitude. Because

it. is. finished.

The way to heaven was opened wide by way of a cross and through the portal found in the victory of an empty tomb. Grace.

And once you’ve  tasted that grace, well…It’s enough to leave you undone….and if you’re like me…you really don’t mind. Stay. right. there.



Are you looking to lean into Him and learn more about God during this season of Lent?  I just learned about this WONDERFUL resource written by fellow writer, Kris Camealy entitled “Holey, Wholly, Holy”.

holey-wholly-holy1I’m sorting out these days using this as a guide. I hope you will join me and a few of my closest friends!




10 thoughts on “woe!

  1. Said well, sister. Right there undone with you as well. Glad our Father is capable of taking our threads that have become an unraveled mess and knitting them together into something beautiful and whole and useful. Hugs to you 🙂 For His Glory –

  2. What grace it is when He gives us a glimpse and then yanks us back from the edge. Thank you for sharing a bit of your journey here and a bit of my book here. I am deeply grateful. Praying for you as you wander through Lent. May you see Him ever more clearly and be awed by His mercy again.

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