For a brief few months I lived in Louisiana with my biological Father and his family. During this time, I was introduced to some of the best food I’ve ever eaten made by some of the best cooks I’ve ever met. I mean it was


There, my sweet Aunt Della taught me a few things and although I am by no means an “accomplished” Cajun cook, I’m proud to say I can turn out a decent jambalaya and gumbo and I can surely make a roux!

Aunt Della taught me about the Cajun “holy trinity”: bell pepper, onion and celery…the three main ingredients found in nearly EVERY dish on the Cajun’s menu. Contrary to popular belief, while some recipes are known to have some “kick”, good Cajun food is not always spicy….it’s simply well-seasoned, balanced and flavorful.

Seasoning is the key issue.

I’ve spent time thinking about seasoning these last few weeks as I’ve wrestled with and have begun to unravel answers to one of life’s pivotal questions:

Who am I?

Probably much like you, it’s a question I’ve been trying to answer for most of my life. I have a whole host of words I could use in response:

  • Woman
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Friend…

 the “no-brainers”; easy to recognize, easy to proclaim and easy to “own”. But it goes deeper still. I am also:

  • Teacher
  • Missionary
  • Writer
  • Artist
  • Editor
  • Musician
  • Thinker…

Sometimes weightier, these are my highlights– by no means comprehensive in describing the person I’m learning to be or these gifts I’m discovering how to lean into.

So…uh…excuse me Lorretta, what’s the point?

(Hang with me….I promise there’s something more going on than some sort of psycho-self-reveal)

See, I’ve pondered this for a while especially since I’ve stepped out into the wide open range of the blogosphere and have been traveling it’s inroads and outer circles now for over a year.

There’s a lot of talk in these places from people I hang out with about mission, purpose, size, shape and reach. We talk about our readership and influence and seeking to discover our “niche” and audience.

So, I feel it’s important to be clear about my purpose for writing here. I think at this point, I owe it to my readers and to myself to state what it is I’m doing and why I will keep on doing it…and for Whom.

See, there’s a HUGE overlay for all those words and titles I used to describe myself.

I am a Christ follower.

 I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anyone who knows me but it’s worth stating again because you need to know this is much more than a simple, surface adjective or modifier placed upon my life and work.

It’s important because it might be easy to assume I could write about whatever’s on my heart and mind–express my opinion and perhaps throw in a little “Jesus seaaoning” to balance out the “flavor” while attempting to make what I have to say a little more palatable…sound a little more “spiritual”.


It’s something I need to be careful and acutely aware of at all times.
Cuz we don’t need more “Lorretta” in this world; we need Jesus.

{Oh God, I pray, help me to never abuse these great gifts in this way.}

I am aware that if each one of those words and titles, gifts, talents and purposes were to be stripped away, at my core and on my surface…

all I am… only…ever… is HIS.

 I will and must always write from this place and this awareness God has birthed in me. It’s the overflow and the natural byproduct of my deep conviction and all-encompassing world view.

I will write about God and what He has done in my life and what I see Him doing all around me in the lives of others because

It’s where my identity begins and ends.
It’s where I live because it’s who I am.
It’s how I see the world He loves.

And the words written here are, I pray, from the Me you’d discover anywhere we’d meet.

These words from Colossians 4:5-6 challenge and inspire me:

“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

This is one place and space I must make the most of
EVERY opportunity God affords me.

I’ll hold NOTHING back from Him if it means He can get the glory and another can learn more about this great God I serve. If my pain, my mistakes, my joys, embarrassments and triumphs can be used to guide another along the path to knowing Jesus better as I go, then

my greatest joy and service is that His MESSAGE would be found in and through my MESS.

It’s time.

  • So yes, I will continue to share stories and insights.
  • I will go as God leads and lead as God guides.
  • I will seek to share the saving Gospel and shine the Light of Jesus into the darkest corners of this part of the universe.

My prayer for you is that as you join me, with the Spirit’s help, we will together taste and see that the Lord is GOOD and my words here will be flavor-FULL of Jesus, balanced and well-seasoned with grace and mercy.


It’s my calling and mission.
It’s who I KNOW I am.
Do you KNOW?
I really want you to…so let’s find out together.Lorretta signature

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  1. wondering why it took me so long to find this post. More than that, though, I’m cheering you on! This is it. 🙂

    1. Thanks dear friend! I am finally going to post fresh tonight…got caught in a “rip current” of life here lately and just finally broke free and swam to shore! I sincerely hope we get to do some I(RL) time some day soon. Are you coming to Allume?

  2. Loretta,

    Nice to meet you! Tell me more about the missionary, teacher, writer and editor parts of you. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my post “Helping Teens See themselves.” Sorry for my delay in getting back to you. Yes! I too wish that I had seen a video like this when I was younger, but am so thankful for chances to pass on messages like these to the people in my life.

    Jennifer Dougan

  3. Your calling and mission absolutely comes through. And I’m so glad you choose to share with us through #TellHisStory, Loretta. Grateful for your word-ministry.

  4. I’m so glad to find my way here today through TellHisStory. “My greatest joy and service is that His MESSAGE would be found in and through my MESS.” I’m new to both my faith and blogging and I always fear that maybe I won’t get His message right, but then I remember He isn’t asking me to be perfect…only to share what He has placed on my heart. I hope and I pray that more of Him is found, and less of me. You have inspired! Thank you.

    1. Thank you Beth. Somehow the message and mess thing is where I find my greatest encouragement to get up day after day and try again…because it’s our Hope that Nothing, nothing, nothing separates us from the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus…and He will use it ALL. Blessings Dear One!

  5. hi. i’m so sorry for not visiting you sooner! 🙂 loved your “reveal” today 🙂
    ” much more than a simple, surface adjective or modifier placed upon my life and work.” it so is isn’t it! identity!! 🙂

    1. Happy you finally did! 🙂 Oh…you know there are moments when you think maybe you’re being “clear enough” on your intent but I have seen how easy it is to get “soft and mushy” and to begin watering down for the sake of viewership. But the greater Truth is that THIS is why I started out here…was led into this “country” and so, I’ll just be who I ‘sposed to be! 🙂 Blessings on YOU!

  6. I clicked over here from simplystiving because what you said in the comment box grabbed me. This post is in almost every point you make, an amen and confirmation of what God has been revealing to me in terms of writing and relationships. I too believe God is doing a move through His church in blog land.

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