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tossing tables in the temple

Ripening and rosy against a backdrop of blue, the morning sky is curling in and over itself unfolding the beauty of a new day before my very eyes. High above, those wispy, lacy-type clouds are swirling in and out of one another, caught up in a breezy dance scented with a hint of the coming rain.

It really needs to come and wash all this dusty heaviness away.

Unseen and yet unmistakeable, with all that I am, my soul is sensing the rising weight of a spiritual storm building on the horizon. A soul-shaking-and-awakening storm… at least it could be.

There are times when it happens like this. There are moments when there can be no more “business as usual” and something has to give.

Thumbing through my bible I come to one of those moments recorded in Scripture and like this morning’s sky, it curls in and over itself and unfolds into a new slice of beautiful wisdom I hadn’t caught before. But it’s caught me…      red handed.

Morning bee

******************* Let me tell you more…