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revival on pine street

revival on pine street

I’m writing from the “other side”.

When time warped, standing still and frozen and crumbled into the thousands of icy limbs and branches littering our town. Even with the warning, nobody was truly prepared for the damage to come.  It’s been quite a mess. 


debris on PineWe’re considered lucky. With few trees and limited clean-up  it’s left my family and I available to help our neighbors whose yards are full of debris and damage.

A few took us up on our offer for food, warmth and shelter during our 4  days “off the grid”–far fewer than I’d anticipated. Largely due to the widespread difficulty and how our community came together sharing  what they had, spreading the burden– and the joy all around.

Only a fool can go through something like this and come out the other side unchanged.  I can testify, I am strangely changed and newly aware.

In some ways and things I had prayed for and others — I didn’t anticipate.

Let me tell you more…