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when holding on seems like letting go


Closing my eyes,  I can still picture those mountains in my mind.


The memories are beginning to blur and fade a bit now and those once-vivid colors are slowly giving way to a more tinty, Polaroid hue. They float there sometimes… just out of reach but somehow… still,  the heart-shapes remain the same.


Sometimes even the pain doesn’t seem as black as it was. Although every now and then, something scrapes and pricks my heart just enough to sharpen the view again. My throat catches and pulse quickens just moments before my mind has a chance to kick in and remember;  that was then–this is now,   Jesus is here.


Oh, but it wasn’t all bad
growing up in those mountains.

Those were the days when our little band of neighborhood ragamuffins ran wild and free around those hills. Days when our weary mothers sent us outside to play never worrying  where we’d roamed until sundown. When there was nothing worse than getting stuck inside doing chores all day. So we’d pack a loose lunch and set out ….


Holding On:letting Go


Let me tell you more…

the deliverance

fathere-forgiveI don’t know how He did it.

How he kept his sinless mouth shut against the insults and accusations taking blow after blow knowing….
knowing each one of His accusers…. intimately.

How he allowed them to strip him naked never once comprehending how stripped and naked He’d already become for the sake….of this.

How, looking down upon the spectacle of His own death and asking only that they be forgiven of their ignorance, even as they mocked Him all the more.

Let me tell you more…

the heart of a prayer

She was ready to go.


Months had passed since she’d entered the hospital for a “routine” check on her dying heart. While her strength was rapidly fading, her courage never wavered and her spirits remained high considering all she’d been through up until this point.

The fact was; her heart was failing and now a kidney was too and the wait was taking it’s toll. Time was not on her side.

If it was time to go, she was prepared knowing that her greatest battles had already been fought and won.

She’d been a tremendous beacon of light and support for the transplant community. More than a spokesperson; she was a valiant warrior and everybody’s favorite cheerleader. She’d been a faithful member of a loving community and the unchallenged reigning “Queen of Hearts” of her family.

Just a few months prior, she’d gotten well enough to share the joy and dance lightly with her husband of 38 years at their oldest daughter’s wedding and the youngest had just announced her first grandchild would be born in the coming year.

God had been so good, so gracious and while they hoped for more time, she was not about to complain. Let me tell you more…