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the heart of a prayer

She was ready to go.


Months had passed since she’d entered the hospital for a “routine” check on her dying heart. While her strength was rapidly fading, her courage never wavered and her spirits remained high considering all she’d been through up until this point.

The fact was; her heart was failing and now a kidney was too and the wait was taking it’s toll. Time was not on her side.

If it was time to go, she was prepared knowing that her greatest battles had already been fought and won.

She’d been a tremendous beacon of light and support for the transplant community. More than a spokesperson; she was a valiant warrior and everybody’s favorite cheerleader. She’d been a faithful member of a loving community and the unchallenged reigning “Queen of Hearts” of her family.

Just a few months prior, she’d gotten well enough to share the joy and dance lightly with her husband of 38 years at their oldest daughter’s wedding and the youngest had just announced her first grandchild would be born in the coming year.

God had been so good, so gracious and while they hoped for more time, she was not about to complain. Let me tell you more…