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Wax and Wane

Wax and Wane

Filling the tree beyond the kitchen window
The waxwings came to call this evening.

Resting and roosting,
Preening…feasting and

In no particular hurry to move on.

Having no need to plant nor sow
Only to keep their annual appointment
With the obnoxiously ugly berry tree
Leaning next to the still uglier shed out back.

Bulk of Waxwings

Ticking off their layover with the instinctual reverence
One might recognize in visiting each year the same roadside diner
On the way to their vacation villa by the sea.

It’s part of the journey.

A startling reminder to myself, who just yesterday
Was sorely tempted by fits of Spring tidiness and the need to dominate the land
(Or at least that corner of the yard), quite nearly razed that tree
Seeing only an eyesore where a waxwing sees food.

Waxwings Share a Meal

We would have missed each other
By only a day
If I’d had my way.

Had God not distracted my gaze to instead
Consider taming a rough bed of His lilies
In some other far corner of the yard.

Feasting Waxwings

Leaving me to forget until today,
when a tree beyond the kitchen window
Branches bent by the weight of waxwings

Resting and roosting,
Preening…feasting and trusting,
Reminded me once again

Waxwings Spread

In all seasons and at all times, 

Our Father always knows best.

Matthew 6-25-25

Resting in Him,Lorretta signature

(thank you to my dear husband and photographer, David Stembridge for these lovely Cedar Waxwing pictures)