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hey old lady… I’m watching you.

Yeah you.

Rumor has it you’re feeling a little over the hill and useless these days…kinda washed up and no longer needed. I heard you’re  thinking about settling back and trying to be satisfied with watching “The Price is Right” and old re-runs of the Golden Girls. Heck, you might even check out “The Young and the Restless” to see if they’ve embalmed ol’ Victor yet.

You think nobody’s paying attention.
You think nobody sees you and you’re not contributing much to the Kingdom anymore. You think your voice doesn’t matter in this youth-driven culture so maybe you don’t matter to women like me. Well. You’re wrong. Because Old Lady,  I’m watching you.

Love in the hands of God

 I see your heart when you think no one else is looking. Sometimes you write it down. You spill your guts, your doubts and your fears and I see the way your faith has shaped you at every stage of life.  I see the joy you’ve cultivated along the way. I’m noticing the words you use– and especially the ones you don’t. Your love for Jesus shines through each one of them and the way you write and speak encourages me to keep the faith and continue on just one more day.

I see the way you raised your children and though you made mistakes, you hung in there and you’re generous enough to share it all with women like me.  You’re gracious with your advice and encouragement and so willing to pray with us through each stage and step of the way. I see you now welcoming  grandchildren into your arms and I’m watching intently because I’m closer than I’d like to imagine.

I’ve noticed how you open your home and your heart  to hurting women of all ages, inviting them into your living room and always making space for one more. How you show up for the bright eyed children at the primary school sharing pieces of yourself and THE wonder of the Greatest Story ever told.  I appreciate how, after all these years,  you’re still an active student of the Word, excited to dig in and learn something new and dying to share it with anyone who will listen. 

I’m grateful that it’s often me.

The great good of sharingI’ve experienced the midwifing power of your prayers Old Lady, as you’ve shined God’s Word down some very dark paths with only enough light for my very next step.

 I’ve paid attention as you’ve patiently demonstrated to a generation of women what it means, for better or for worse,  to be a good wife by staying faithful to Jesus…even when it’s hard

And Old Lady, I see it in your eyes: you’ve experienced the glow of revival and the pain of loneliness from serving in quiet places or another country and have Gospel-loved a people so very different from you in order to make them eternally family. You lived your Gospel amongst them for such a long time and now you tend to their sick from an ocean away. You love and you give because He first loved and gave.

And you’re still doing it.

I have tasted grace in your presence and my heart beats with the shared rhythm of our Father for the lost and dying world all around us. 

Oh I feel it too dear Lady. The world we live in is not kind to the sick and the aging and the enemy wants you to feel cast aside. But even though you move a little slower these days, I’ve watched you roll up your sleeves, baring your scars for another to see so they can know there’s a measure of healing down the road. I’ve beheld how you gracefully carry a diagnosis that’s much too big for you to bear

so you’ve  given it to Jesus.

 You are modeling how live  through it joyfully as best as you can for all the world to see…not how brave you are, but how strong and faithful He is no matter what.

I see your peaceful and knowing smile.

The Greatest Good 2

Yes Old Lady,  I’m watching you because I’m the first follower of Jesus in my family for generations and all my women have gone and left me to figure out so many things  on my own. It’s been this way for a long time and in some ways, it’s always been this way.

So I need you Faithful Lady. I’m watching carefully because I need to know these things. I need to ask the questions and get the answers…at least the right ones. I need you to show me how it’s done…not perfectly or flawlessly but


I know it’s not easy but there’s so much at stake.  So please don’t quit Old Lady. Because I’m getting older and lately, I’ve noticed those young girls are watching me too.   That’s why I’m going to keep on watching you.

Dancing (while watching),Lorretta signature