the sacred of {quiet}

I come, never reluctantly
but sometimes rushed and unprepared.
I have to fight to get here
but I come, breathless and expectant.

Be still my soul.
All that is within me
bless His holy name.

I come.
Always empty and needy
to this place.
Daily, I come.
I must.

Empty and weary and needy for what can only come from Him.
I am the sanctuary in this sacred space of quiet with my Lord.
I am stained glass, color and light with the smoke from my latest offering still smoldering on the altar and swirling around and about my life.
I want to be fragrant before Him and all I am is laid bare and altar’d*.

I am song and Word-breathed into life
A hymn of silence and stillness and surrender is sung between us .

I am Word-fed and Life-water quenched.
I rise…but I never leave
even when I ‘go ye therefore…’

It’s enough.
Enough for today and multiplied by grace and seasoned with mercy
there’s once again more than enough to share with another.
Til tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “the sacred of {quiet}

  1. “I rise…but I never leave
    even when I ‘go ye therefore…’. .i love this. Where can we go from his presence? He is ever with us! here with love from FMF. and thanks for stopping by too:)

    1. I am blessed by your visit today! Truly if you make the Spirit’s life your aim, this is the case and how we roll throughout our day! I am glad I stopped by through FMF too! Glad to meet you!

    1. Thank you Dolly! The notion of being altar’d comes from Jennifer Kennedy Dean’s book “Life Unhindered”….this book was instrumental in changing my life and wow..I highly recommend it. Blessings to you too!

  2. Oh this is absolutely beautiful. “I come, always empty, always needy.” May He come and fill us as we sit quietly before Him. Nice to “meet” you from the Five Minute Friday.

  3. I am Word-fed and Life-water quenched….oh my. I’m taking this with me.
    Same with “expectant” because that’s what He’s been daring me to be lately.

    What a lovely write, friend! I see you blossoming here…5 minutes at a time 😉

    1. Well, bless my soul! Thankyou Dear friend. And yes, God is doing incredible things for which I can only, ever point to him. One of those things is in how I feel like he has led me home to my Sisters and you are one of them. Blessings to you! 😉

  4. Beautiful words.. this is my favorite part “I want to be fragrant before Him and all I am is laid bare and altar’d*” God Bless, can’t wait to check out some more of you blog.

    1. Thanks so much Friend! I learned the concept of being “altar’d” from a great book entitled Life Unhindered by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. It’s quite a concept to stay there and this is just one way to do it. Thanks for the encouragement here! Come back any time!

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