1000 words that must be SPOKEN

human-trafficking-infographic-smallOne Picture

worth the thousands of words she can not speak.

One horribly telling info-graphic.

One child.

Who’s child?
Your child.
My child.
Your neighbor’s child.

HIS child.

THOUSANDS of children.

oughtThis child is not just a specific skin color, a nationality or gender.

This child is not a simple statistic. This is real. This is the daily rape of innocence.

Do. Not. Ignore. This.

Look into her eyes….see the fear? See the confusion and hopelessness?




dominican-babydollBe a voice. Speak. Use your platform and shout from your circle of influence. There are countless agencies and ways.

Just choose ONE.

This graphic was taken from Compassion International.  Writers and writers and speakers from all around the world are choosing to use their platform to speak for those who have been robbed of their voice and their innocence.

The issues are complex.

The issues are ugly and unpleasant.

The issues of human trafficking, child exploitation, sexual tourism and slavery can not be ignored.

Speak into the void with the healing words of Christ and say

Let. There. Be.


2 thoughts on “1000 words that must be SPOKEN

  1. This is such a HARD topic to realize, to acknowledge that it is HAPPENING all around us. I learned last year that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest trafficking weekends in the United States. It is happening everywhere, it is happening HERE. Last year, the goal was that every time a yellow flag was thrown, to pray. I can barely type because this just brings tears to my eyes. ARGH!!!!
    Thank you for blogging this. I have been supporting Not For Sale since I first discovered them three years ago. Thanks for the links for other like organizations as well. Shalom my friend.

  2. Sometimes, this issue leaves me speechless. You had me at “His child” No truer words spoken – this is about HIS children …
    I remember a conference in Atlanta I attended a few years back that referenced this issue and their “shelter” which our PWOC (military chapel group) offering would be going towards. Now, the word is spreading like wildfire, and I’m so thankful! It’s an ENORMOUS problem and seems too big to tackle at times.
    Thanks again for your awesome words and information!

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