sister songs

I write…a lot….in my head.

I actually used to put a lot more down on paper and I hope this blog will help with that some. I also used to write so much more in letters and notes…just spilling it all and letting it flow into a puddle of gooey me-ness; all that stuff that runs back and forth between my heart, mind and soul, tangled up with feeling and emotion and all the stuffs of God he’s woven into this fabric called Lorretta.

And I’ve written some poetry. Not all of it’s good and I confess that I’ve torn up a lot of it–those syrupy, horrible things you write when your eyes are half-open to the world around you and your soul is mostly shut…yuck.

But in the last few years I’ve written a few I will share here for….whomever. Maybe just  for me and God and the occasional You.  I dedicate this to my Soul Sisters. One in particular and you know who you are…but this is really for us all who are really and truly striving to be Galatians 2:20, crucified with Christ and yet still have to wear these feet of clay. I love you.

Walking the Fire. (rev. 1/25/2012)

For no rhyme or reason
we rhyme
we reason
we rhythm
we flow
like we’ve known
each other all our lives,
seen each other
someplace before.

Sisters from another mother
same Father
though years
maybe miles apart
flowing and growing
between us
like a little love vine
slipping tendrils
around our hearts and minds.
Sealed by Him.

It’s good
it’s fresh
it’s easy
To hear her voice
To hear His voice
coming from her mouth.
Affirmation and confirmation
from the highest, holiest station
of them all.

to step out while
staying under His cover
walking together
head held high
above the dirt of this world
not eating it’s dust
but bowing as His.

He who cups our chins
in  gentle hands and says
Take up your mats and walk.
Walk it together
daughters of mine.
Walk it out.
Walk it out.

10 thoughts on “sister songs

  1. I love this post and your poem. I saved my earlier things not because they were great (even now I don’t think my things are great)but it helps me to have a visual reminder of my growth journey as a person and as one who writes poetry. I look forward to reading more

    1. Bless you for your encouragement. I didn’t destroy it all and some things–the deep things at their source and kernel–never get destroyed and never leave off being a part of who you are. I ought to post my very first one though….it was a love poem to God written right after I met Him face to face for the first time and He made me His own through salvation. And while it’s very simple in nature–so ought our love for Him be remembered and treasured there–even as we grow. I’ll put that up there later today so we can sip it’s sugary sweetness like eating sugar cubes from Grandma’s sugar bowl and thinking there’s no greater sweetness in the world! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. I didn’t tear up everything and even saved some for future edits but truthfully…there are some things that should never again see the light of day! 🙂 I think I’ve gotten to the place where I can have that ability and perspective to “look back and laugh” as you say, because believe me; this stuff was laughable! I truly do appreciate your comments and feedback. <

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